Virtual Disk error on Dell Powervault 220S

I have a Dell PE2650 connected to a Dell Powervault 220S.  I have (2) virtual disk's created on seperate RAID 5 arrays on the PV220.  After restarting the server for OS patch deployment the virtual disks are not seen by the OS.  

When I open Dell Server Manager and view "Storage" there is a red X by each of the Virtual Disks.  The only options available to me are "Delete", "Blink", and "Unblink".

How can I make these virtual disks available to the OS again without loosing data?
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Are you getting any fault lights on the 220S? Are you getting a blink pattern on the drive lights?
Check out this page for LED indecators. 
Is the configuration a hardware RAID or a software RAID?
Wildchubby91Author Commented:
The configuration is a hardware RAID.
Try opening up the actual RAID configuration tool. I believe it will be CTRL-R as you are booting. Let us know what it says for the volumes.
Wildchubby91Author Commented:
The drive lights where all amber in color with no blink pattern present.  The problem is now fixed.  Here is the probable cause and accepted solution.

When I powered off the Powervault, the onboard Perc 4/DI controller put all the drives in a "failed" state even though nothing was wrong with them.  

I was able to view the Powervault and drives in Dell's Open Manage console.  After reviewing a DSET report and controller report to verify there where no drive errors or virtual disk errors I was albe to bring the drives online.  I have 8 physical disks and I brought 7 of them online using the Open Manage console.  I choose the "rebuild" options for the 8th.

I was then able to view the virtual disk as "Degraded" from the console.  My next step was to re-initialize the virtual disk from Windows Disk Manager.  As soon as I completed this my drive letter was mounted and all data was accessible.

I hope this can help someone in the future.  

Lessons learned:
--Power down your Powervault only AFTER the physical server is attached is powered off.  
--Investigate past drive failures before you force a drive online.  For example if I had a drive warning on 0:2 I would have brought all online except 0:2 and choose to rebuild that one.

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