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I am running 2 XenApp servers, soon to be 14, so I'm trying to get a handle on a few things. We are currently using published apps, not desktops for about 40 users. The problem I notice is that when they launch a published application from the web console, like Microsoft Word, and they try to save the document to desktop it saves to their desktop on their profile which resides on the server, not their client system. Is there a way to have it map the client rather than the server's drives.

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KrAzYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are probably a few solutions to this.

1. Hide/Disable access to local drives, so they can't store items on the server and then allow Drive Mapping.  When they save, instruct them to browse to their desktop via the mapped drive.
2. Roaming Profile.  Although I don't like using these too much as they can become corrupt or bloated.
3. Terminal Server Home Drive where they can store files.
4. File Redirection, but I personally haven't looked into this and may/may not work in your situation.
ValleyENTAuthor Commented:
How can I hide and disable access to the local drives on the terminal server? Is this citrix policy controlled?
You can lock down a Terminal Server using Group Policies.  Here's an link:
ValleyENTAuthor Commented:
Meh, not what I am looking to do, that would cause problems with my ICA Shared Desktop users.
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