Epolicy Orchestrator repository location or help pulling virusScanEnterprise 8.5.0

I am trying to implement McAfee anti virus with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0.2, I can push out the management agent to test machines.  I cannot push out the client to a test machine the only package that i show, that I can push is virusScanEnterprise 8.5.0 Language pack.  I cannot find the .zip to add the client.  When I do a pull the server task log says that it has completed: pulling content from McAfeeHTTP to current branch (repository Pull successful, repository already up-to-date).  I have searched the server for all .zip files and then tried to add all of them and get an error that the .z file is missing
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legalsrlConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To deploy VSE 8.5 to the clients, you need to create a deployment task.

Click the Systems Tab, then select where you want to deploy VSE to and click Tasks

Create a new deployment task that deploys VSE and any other components, then wake up the agents to tell them to check in to ePO and get the latest policies

Let me know if you need anything else

tuningforkriderAuthor Commented:
I did not have the correct package to deploy out
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