Digital ID, Who to use?

Has anyone ever purchased a digital id for authenticode?  Basically there are 3 vendors, Comodo, Thawte & Verisign.  Im debating which way to go.  Comodo is the cheapest at $75, Thawte $160 and Verisign at $499.  I know that Verisign is required for logo certification.  So the question is, are there benefits of using one over the other?  Im guessing I can use the ID for other code signing uses, has anyone run into roadblocks with one companys cert over the other?
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ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
See my previous post for some help on this:

It basically comes down to if you plan to get logo certification or not - if you do then go with one on that list. Globalsign is probably going to be one of the cheaper ones.  Verisign is pretty much always going to be the most expensive, but the most compatible with whatever product comes out.

If you're not concerned about logo certification, I would suggest Comodo.  We use them heavily around here for most of our public facing sites and apps.  If it is just for internal only use, if you have your own CA you can just issue one to yourself - but I wouldn't expect anyone else outside your company to trust it.

It is a normal code signing cert at the end of the day, yes.  The ones on the MS list are just becuase they are in the default root certificate program for certain products.  Beyond that - if you trust the root cert, which most code signing vendors are fairly well propagated into products already, then its no big deal to the end user.  They all work the same, cryptographically.
DemonSquirrelAuthor Commented:
Thanks that is what we were looking for.
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