i would excel to open ms project extract all the data, and and place it in the open workbook. there is no need for linked items

i need to extract, most of the data inside a ms project mpp, i would like to do it automatically, using vb, vba or a macro. where do i start?
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Yes, you can do this.
1. Make sure you are comfortable with writing a macro in Excel. You should be comfortable with editting the VBA directly.
2. Make sure you are comfortable with the macro in Project. You will need to use parts of this in your Excel macro.

3. Set references to Project's Object Library.
4. Create an application object referring to Project in your Excel macro.
5. Use the object you created in #4 to call the Project VBA/macro commands. So if something was "SaveAs("blah", "blah")" in your macro from #2, you would now rewrite this in Excel as:
Dim ProjectApp as Project.Application
set ProjectApp = CreateObject("Project.Application")


(I typed the above directly into this message. I may not have the syntax exactly correct. This is meant to illustrate the basic idea of what you need to do.)

A reference for steps 3-5 can be found at
look for the section: "Activating Other Applications with Excel VBA" and the example of controlling PowerPoint.

Hope this helps...
James Fraser
The best answer depends on many variables:
When do you want this to happen? Does a user start the process?
Where do you need the results?

A macro running in Project could save the project to Excel or XML pretty easily. Do you need to do more than that?

James Fraser
j_wriedenAuthor Commented:
hi thanks for getting back to me,

i would like to show the tasks, resources and fiscals, please tell me more about this macro.

there will around 1500 tasks,.

i need to tie the URIs together
tasks on one sheet, resources another and so on

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First look at the output you get from Project when you "Save As..." an Excel document and determine if that will meet your requirements.

If this includes what you want, you can then simply record a macro while you "Save As..." then edit that macro.

James Fraser
j_wriedenAuthor Commented:
i would like to control the 'save as' marco in project from excel.

basiclly i want excel to be the master and control what project does. i.e. save as a excel sheet and then close the msproject.

i am not sure of the best way to do it.

can i open project as an active project, use excel as to make project save with the neccery quallifiers?
j_wriedenAuthor Commented:
hi james,

thank you for your sugestions.

i also added a .maptask to the save as. this works well.

once again thaks

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James Fraser
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