Video Overlay with PHP

I run a retail business and I am trying to deter theft by my employees.

I have a usb camera setup pointing towards each register.  The camera records and stores the video on the hard drive.

 My point of sale software is a php base software that was developed in house.  I would like to add a feature to my video where
when the employee scans an item, that item would show up on the video (as a video overlay) and the timed scanned would correspond with
the video. (Picture is attached for visual effect)

Does anyone have a clue where I would start?  Write the data to a port?  Not real sure where to go.

Any ideas would help



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digital0iced0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, that's what I'd do.  From the php side all you need to do is output the data.  You would need some overlay program to take it in as input, either through a text file, xml, command line arguments or something like that.  I'd say the most important thing would be finding the overlay program, from there it should not be too difficult in PHP to output the data in the correct format.  
Well, as you already know PHP itself can't handle this.  But, through PHP you can send commands to other programs.  So you could make a program in another language that receives command line input.  So in your php script you could do something like this:

//purchase processing code
exec('addoverlay.exe {$productname} {$price}');

Good luck,

jmsloanAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I need to ask if there is an open source recording program that will except arguments and overlay them into the recording video?

Does this sound right?
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