Server Admin is very slow to respond

I have a mac-mini with OS X Server 10.5.6 installed. I have a test network which I'm playing around with at home. I'm currently trying to set it up as a open directory master, install dns and dhcp. My problem is that whenever I select Server admin to do any tasks it take absolutely ages to respond.
It will sit there with the rainbow wheel spinning.

The server has all the latest updates

If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated
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SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
what have you got your DNS Servers set at for that machine ? the primary should be set to itself (

check your /etc/resolv.conf to find out the load order you currently have..

I think the reason its taking so long is that the primary DNS isnt itself, and it cant resolve the admin URL you are entering, so it eventually times out.. then its reverting to local resolution..

am i right ? try changing the load order and let us know..
nas19Author Commented:

I don't have dns setup at the moment, I have created a new location and given the server a manual IP Address, under DNS Server should I add in
SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
show me what your resolv.conf has in it currently..

what is this 'server' running ? (in terms of network apps (dhcp/dns/mail/etc)
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nas19Author Commented:
I'm a newbie with MAC server, so not sure where to look for resolv.conf.

nas19Author Commented:
Managed to get DNS working properly, appeared to be what was causing server admin to freeze and run slow


Yeah, ALWAYS use as the address in Server Admin to the Local server!
I woudl assue it connected to 'servername.local' and that tend to be slow like shit if DNS is not 100% working...
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