Fetch a windowLabel using the portlet taglib


I am currently developing a site using portlets.

I would like to fetch the windowLabel in one of my portlets, but I can't find how... :-(
I know that <porlet:actionURL /> builds an URL that contains the windowLabel, but is it possible to only get this element, not the whole URL?

If the taglib manages to build the URL (and therefore, fetch the windowLabel), this means that it is somehow possible...

Is there someone that could help me please?

Thank you.
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The_Wizard_of_wind_OzAuthor Commented:
I finally found out by myself how to resolve the problem.
You may find below what I did (maybe it can be of some help for someone else).

As I am using a WebLogic server, I changed the taglib I was using.
Instead of the portlet taglib, I now use the netuix taglib.

My views are done in FTL files, so I declared the taglib like this:
          <#assign netuixRenderTags=JspTaglibs["http://www.bea.com/servers/portal/tags/netuix/render"]>

I then used this taglib to fetch the window url which contains the window label AND the page label (the portlet tags only gave me one of these two values, not both, this is why I couldn't use them):
          <@netuixRenderTags.windowUrl />

If you are using JSPs, the above code should be quite similar. You should have something like this:
          <%@ taglib prefix="netuixRenderTags" uri="http://www.bea.com/servers/portal/tags/netuix/render" %>
          <netuixRenderTags:windowUrl />

Hope that helps.
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