Access is Denied trying to add additional smtp addresses through AD ID#C0070005

I am running exchange 2003 sp2 on a windows 2K3 R2 server. This server is the recipient of a recent exchange migration to new haradware. Everything moved very easily and there were no issues. I have been able to create new users along with email boxes and remove old ones from the organization just fine. I am trying to create a additional email address for a user through AD <R-click user, properties, email addresses tab, new, smtp address, enter address, click ok> Done it a million times before, first time for this error. "Access is Denied - Facility: Win32 - ID No: C0070005 - Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension". I have tested this beyond the account in question to the same results. The same happens when I try to edit an email address.

I have reinstalled Exchange Manager. This did not help.
Any ideas on where to look next?

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blindrumAuthor Commented:
I loaded exchange manager onto a clean workstation and it worked fine. So I reinstalled it again upon my DC and reworked my MMC. The problem is resolved.
Have you tried another account?

Have you seen this KB article:

Have you run domainprep again? That can often fix odd things.

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