what is the difference between checkpoint vpn-1 power/utm nad vpn-1 utm edge

what is the difference between checkpoint vpn-1 power/utm and Checkpoint vpn-1 utm edge
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grimkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
AN Edge is a smaller box with embedded software made by Sofaware / Checkpoint. It can be used as a standalone or controlled by a smartcenter (with a license) and is ideal for small offices. It provides VPN termination and basic URL filtering / AV and anti-spam.

A VPN-1 Power is a fully fledged Checkpoint install and comprises of a SmartCenter server and enforcement module which may or may not be hosted on the same box. It runs on a variety of different hardware and operating systems and is ideal for enterprises, not least because of the cost of the licences

A UTM is Checkpoint's all-in-one appliance - a smartcenter and enforcement module in one box with licenses for all the necessary AV / antispam etc.

You can find more specific information here - throughput, ports, vlan limitations etc etc:
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