odbc proxy, connect through a middle point

I need to query a database on  remote Server-C  and bring it to a warehouse on Server-A.  Server-C will only allow connections from Server-B due to network constraints.  Server-B has a system DSN pointing to the database on Server-C over ODBC.

The network constraints are being addressed but I need an interim solution.  I can not make network updates at this time.

I'm using Cognos Datamanager on server A.  My query request will originate on ServerA.  Ideally, I would issue an odbc request from Server-A and Server-B would echo this request to Server-C.  I have no control over Server-C.  I could potentially install freeware on Servers A,B but I will not be able to run Cognos DataManager on server B.

Server A is running MS SQL Server 2005.  Server B might be as well, I don't know this yet.

Any ideas?
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Jim P.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
On Server B create a linked server to Server C.

Then have a stored procedure of
CREATE CP_Query_Server_C
FROM openquery( Server_C_Link, 'Select * from MyDB.dbo.MyTable');
Then on Server A create a link to the Server B and
FROM openquery( Server_B_Link, 'EXEC CP_Query_Server_C');

This is a guess but it might work.
lovingatxAuthor Commented:
Turned out that MS SQL was not installed so I couldn't try your solution.  Thanks for the input though.
Jim P.Commented:
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