I need to set up a separate virtual SMTP server on 2k3sbs

Hey there, I have a customer with a Fairpoint DSL connection, and they do not have a static IP yet (waiting for fairpoint to get cleared up here in the NorthEast)
The customer has a SBS 2003 and I need to route smtp through the server, however without the static IP, fairpoint will not pass right now.
I created a seperate virtual smtp server through exchange manager to use the fairpoint mailserver (mail.fairpoint.net), however I believe they require authentication.  Where do I enter that authentication into the virtual server
or am I just overcomplicating this?
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On the default SMTP Virtual Server go to Delivery tab-->click on Outbound security and you can enter your credentials there.

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You don't need a second SMTP virtual server. I am not sure why you thought you did.
What you need to do is run the Configure Internet and Email wizard and select to send email via the smart host. Enter the smart host.
Once complete, open up ESM and then open Connectors, SMTP Connector. Right click on the SMTP connector and choose Properties. Click on the Advanced tab then Outbound security. Set the username and password required for the smart host there. Apply/OK out.

When you want to change to direct delivery, run the wizard again and change the setting.

bcameron70Author Commented:
One other note, the PPPoE information given by Fairpoint will not work as the outoging SMTP authentication against their servers, you need to set up an e-mail account username and password and use that information.
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