Redundant Layer 3 Dell Switches

I have two Dell 6248 I am installing for a client.  We will be using them in a collapsed core capacity.  Each Access Switch will have a connection to each of the Dell Switches.  THe Dell Switches will handle Inter-vlan routing and are connected with the 10GB uplink module.  

Everything works fine right now... I can ping across the switches, connect from a workstation on Switch A to a Workstation on Switch B, ping with the access layer involved, etc.

My only issue is with redundantcy.  All the Hosts default gateway addresses are setup on Dell Switch A.  Switch B's VLANs have there own IP addresses within the same applicable subnets.   If I have an Access Layer Switch with a trunk to each 6248 and I turn off Switch B, everything works fine.  However, if Switch A is turned off we lose the ability to connect across the vlans, due to the hosts having the wrong default gateway.

I am looking for a way to get around this issue.  How can I make it so that if Switch A is turned off, the hosts can automatically connect to the different VLANs?  Any suggestions?
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jjmartineziiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know if your switches support it, but Cisco has something called VRRP which creates a virtual gateway to allow clients to connect. In the event that a router is unavailable, another router will assume the role of gateway.
tom_phillyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Cisco has a proprietary protocol called HSRP (Hot Standyby Router Protocol).
VRRP is an open standard. Dell does support it on the 6248.

WIth VRRP the switches "share" a virtual IP that you will gateway everything to. If a switch drops the other switch still has the virtual.

VRRP is not a basic config like building an SVI and routing through it. Read up on the protocol first so you understand it, then if you are having a hard time with the dell docs (or finding any), you may want to try reading the cisco docs and then use the dell docs for how to apply it on the 6248's.

BlacklineAuthor Commented:
I'll take a look at the VRRP.  I saw something on it, but wasn't sure that was what I wanted and its been at least 7 years since I learned about HSRP (although I have never implemented it).  I'll look through the Dell guides and see what I find.  
 Has anyone ever set it up on a Dell 6248 or have a sample config?  
BlacklineAuthor Commented:
I enabled VRRP.  When both switches are up all looks good.  O ne is the master, the other backup.   When I kill the master, the backup switch goes into initialization and stays there.   won't convert to a backup like it is supposed to.
ANy ideas?
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