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I have a password protected hard drive that the operating system is not working but the files can be seen.  I want to copy the data from the documents folder.  I have the hard drive hooked up to my computer using an external hookup.  My computer is running Win Vista and the bad drive was running Windows XP Home.  I have the orginal password to the old drive but I am unable to access an area that I am prompted for the password.  Please advise
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houssam_balloutConnect With a Mentor Commented:

At your bad drive computer,
Go to your bios settings(press del when powered is on), then disable password protected hardisk.
Save and Exit.

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mcleevesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the link.  It did work and I have recorded the steps for future reference.
This was good also:

In Explorer, right click the drive in question and select Properties

On the Security tab click Advanced
On the Owner tab
Select you account if it isn't already and
Check "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects"
Click OK twice (close all dialogs)

That sets you as owner of every folder and file on the drive

In Explorer, right click the drive in question and select Properties

On the Security tab add your account if it is not already there and set Full Access
Click Apply
Click Advanced
Check "Replace permission on all child objects with......"
Click Apply

You will only see the security tab if you have disabled simple file sharing.
A way to change this setting is by selecting "Folder Options" in the Control
Panel. When in the folder options, select the View tab.
At the very bottom of the list is a box labeled "Use simple file sharing".
Uncheck this box.

You can also disable simple file sharing in Windows Explorer. But
explaining how to get to the box is a little more complicated.

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