WSUS Setup clients

I have Setup WSUS server, but it does not see any clients!
I have Run the Client Diag tool and it passes everything
The only thing i see possibly wrong is my log on my clients, i am just taking one for now attached is the log details

2009-02-24      13:28:40:573      1532      1264      Report      ***********  Report: Initializing static reporting data  ***********
2009-02-24      13:28:40:573      1532      1264      Report        * OS Version = 5.1.2600.2.0.65792
2009-02-24      13:28:40:604      1532      1264      Report        * Computer Brand = IBM
2009-02-24      13:28:40:604      1532      1264      Report        * Computer Model = -[623056U]-
2009-02-24      13:28:40:604      1532      1264      Report        * Bios Revision = -[T6E119A]-
2009-02-24      13:28:40:604      1532      1264      Report        * Bios Name = Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
2009-02-24      13:28:40:604      1532      1264      Report        * Bios Release Date = 2004-06-04T00:00:00
2009-02-24      13:28:40:604      1532      1264      Report        * Locale ID = 1033
2009-02-24      13:28:41:369      1532      f04      DnldMgr      Download manager restoring 0 downloads
2009-02-24      13:28:41:369      1532      f04      AU      ###########  AU: Initializing Automatic Updates  ###########
2009-02-24      13:28:41:541      1532      f04      AU        # AU disabled through User preference
2009-02-24      13:28:41:541      1532      f04      AU      AU finished delayed initialization
2009-02-24      13:28:41:541      1532      f04      AU      Triggering AU detection through DetectNow API
2009-02-24      13:28:41:541      1532      f04      AU      Can not perform non-interactive scan if AU is interactive-only
2009-02-24      13:29:09:958      1532      f48      AU      WARNING: UpdateNow failed with hr:8024afff

My domain contorller is my WSUS, it sees itself in the console.
I can go to a client and type in http://clover-server/selfupdate/ to the browser and it tries to download a cab file
I can ping my server,

Can anybody help me please?
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ngailfusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well then you do not need to worry about the OU part.  The reason you don't see the computers right away is that it takes a while for all the computers to start to show up in the WSUS console.  Try looking at it tomorrow and see if any of the computers are starting to show up in the console.
How are you telling the clients about the WSUS server? I use Group Policy to tell the PCs where their update server is.  This is found in Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.  You want to put http://clover-server in both fields of the policy called "Specify intranet Microsoft update service location."   You also want to make sure that the Group Policy object is linked to an OU that has the PCs.
RzeniAuthor Commented:
I have update my clients by going in MMC and Specifying the intranet server and the STat server as http://clover-server. However i do not think i am clear on the last part about Linking the GP to an OU because i dont recognize the acronym OU (LOL)
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OU = Organizational Unit.  Are you modifying these settings in Group Policy on the domain controller or on the computers themselves?
RzeniAuthor Commented:
on the computers themselves
RzeniAuthor Commented:
You were right thanks it took about 20 hours to show up even when i tried to force the detect!

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