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Hi there,
Does anyone know how i can update my Cisco 837 ADSL Router? I tried to use the link in the SDM however it asks for a username and password. When i enter my Cisco registered details i get another FTP login request and it does not accept my Username and password. I would also like to get the latest SDM manager software, however trying to find it on the Cisco website is useless. My IOS version is 12.4 (15) T6 and the SDM that i have is version 2.5.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Are your credentials tied to a smartnet account? If you haven't paid to get updates, you won't be able to log in. If you do, here is a direct link to the software download:

Also the link for SDM:
go to cisco website. upper right corner click login
then login
click support --> download software
then select the correct catagory.
or go to then click download software on the right
SDM 2.5 is the latest one.
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