Cannot access a single email box in mailbox store on SBS2003 Exchange server

I have a Windows Small Business Server 2003. It's current jobs are Domain controller and email server. This is a fresh install with the most basic options enabled. I restored an old mailbox store from a previous server and mounted the mailbox store to this fresh install. Everyone's email boxes in this information store are connected to the appropriate users. The average users email box is around 5,000-20,000kb. With the exception of 1 mailbox that is 815,000kb.

Currently all users are connecting to the server via Office Outlook 2003 and are successfully seeing their mailboxes and previous emails (before the change to the new server) as I would expect them to. The person with the 815,000kb mailbox is unable to retrieve any of his old emails aside from what has come in recently after the install. To rule out access issues from Outlook I went into his email box through the Outlook Web Access which shows the same issue of no emails in the list, only thing of note in the OWA is that some emails (10 or so) were put into the "Sync Issues- server failures" folder. Regardless of where I look the mailbox size on the mailbox store remains the same (size 815,000kb; total items 6500)  like the emails are there but are inaccessible.

I have unmounted the mailbox store and repaired/defraged the file to repair and have done the ISINTEG.exe repair utility as well, then remounted and no change to the issue. I have removed the user and relinked the mailbox to another user and same issue occurred. Looking through the event logs of the server I see no errors that would relate to this issue either.
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Syedm2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The mailbox is corrupt beyond repair.
Due to which it was not fixed in isinteg
As they are corrupt,u cannot see the emails no matter what
Take a PST and then purge the mailbox
create a new mailbox for the user
No way to get those mails back
skorpfoxAuthor Commented:
Doom and gloom response to a nagging question, but you are correct.

I ended up getting an older version of the email data store to reload all the emails correctly. Then figured out why the newer version of the data store went corrupt was a sequence of installation issue that is not documented by Symantec on a new server. I have Symantec Mail security for exchange as an anti-virus and anti-spam as well as Symantec Anti-virus corporate edition. Being cautious about loading old emails that possibly were not previously scanned for viruses I added the mail security before reloading the data store. Repeatedly I was able to corrupt the data store in a test lab installing in that manner.

So word to anyone who doesn't know, restore data store FIRST then the anti-spam/anti-virus.
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