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Makecab.exe going nuts in SBS

Each day a process makecab.exe is thrashing the CPU on a SBS Standard Server making files in the c:\windows\temp directory. Today there are files cab6, cab7, cab8, cab9, cab10, cab11, cab12, cab13 that are all 0 bytes. THen cab5 which is 35gb. These seem to just keep growing until the server runs out of space. It happens each night. Anybody got any idea what's going wrong to make these?
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Did someone attempt to use the SBS server to Package/Deploy Sharepoint web services?
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Nope not that I know about?
It seems to happen every night, so I'm wondering if the SBS Backup has anything to do with it?
SBS Backup uses the Ntbackup.exe process, so I highly doubt it. However, post a copy of your backup log -- so we can look at it closer for any possibilities.

Also, what kind of anti-virus/anti-spyware software do you have running on the server?

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