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linux mail - can't configure sendmail to relay through local exchange server

I've been banging my head against this all afternoon.  I have a pbx on my LAN that needs to send mail.  Unitl now, I have only been sending to users on my domain which has been working. Now, however, I need it to be able to send mail (failure events, for example) to outside addresses.   I have my exchange (2007) configured with a nice new connector that listens on port 2525 and if I send outside mail through it via telnet (from the pbx) by using manual smtp commands, all is well.  I just can't get sendmail to see it as a relay.  It thinks it's relaying, but it always relays to 'localhost' which then fails because the pbx can't authenticate with the ISP.  I have been through the forum atricles and I have tried all manner of specifying HOSTS and RELAYs in sendmail.mc but I must be missing something.  I am make-ing a new /etc/mail and restarting sendmail each time.  resolv.conf and hosts are correct - everything else is fine.  Can somebody send a link to some directions for this - or help me through it?  Thanks
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