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Bonding 2 ADSL connections using Multilink PPP

My company provides DSL service.  My core router is a Cisco 7206 VXR with a 45mb ATM circuit.  The ATM card can support 2000 sessions.  My client has a Cisco 2600 with 2 wic1adsl cards.  We are attempting to Bond both channels.  My client uses PPPOE.  Does someone out there know of a config that will allow me to bond both of the DSL channels using Multilink PPP?  My client has 2 6mb x 512k and if we can bond the channels it will be a 12mb x 1mb circuit.  I've searched through Google and found various comments that it can be done.  Yet I cannot find an example of a config for the Core Router and the Client router.  We use AT&T ATM network to backup haul and provide DSL.  Each client user has the same PVC 8/35.  There's a fresh hot and delivered PIZZA in it for the winner. US Local delivery only.

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