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Guidance on PDA program on Visual Studio Standard

I have an ACCESS data form that I need to convert to the PDA.  I have Visual Studio 2005 Standard and I am just learning how to do this.  I believe that I need to use SQLCE of some flavor and .NET 2.0 or something like that.  I want to develop this for WM 5 and 6, but If it can be compatible with PC2003SE that would be great.

There will be lots and lots of controls, I want to set it up as a tabbed form.  I have some drop down box controls that use a list of items that is 7,000 records long, and I have some complicated logic that needs to run fairly fast.  I ultimately plan to have the data imported and exported as comma delimited files.

Since I have so much VBA code in the original form I hope i can copy a lot of the code to the VS2005 environment if I work in VB.

I found a program called DataPortWizard that can convert the ACCESS .mdb tables to .sdf tables.  

So my questions.  Will VS2005 allow me to get what I want done?  What version of the database manager should I use - SQL Server CE 2.0  or SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition.  What version of .NET should this all be set up for?  Exactly what is the relationship between VS2005, SQLCE, and .NET?

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