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Vista Ultimate and media center extender (Linksys DMA2100) while joining AD domain

Dear Expert,

I am having Vista Ultimate (SP1) and media center extender (Linksys DMA2100).

I disjoined my vista machine from the domain and managed to get my media center extender work perfectly. I then rejoined the vista machine to the domain, guest what? my media center extender refused to connect to vista again.

I know there must be some issue with group policy that prevents media center extender to communicate with my windows media center running vista; but I could not figure out the precise cause of this behavor. I also turned off the UAC as recommended by others in the newsgroup; but still does not work.

Your advice would be greately appreciated.

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Hello pironic,

Thanks for the solution. It works as a temporary solution by disabling the domain policy to be deny by my vista machine. There must be some specific settings in the GPO that triggers the failure and I hope the complete answer will be provided in the nearest future as I want it to work while taking an advantage of an existing domain policy.

Thanks very much for your temporary solution.

Sthay wishes.

Im almost thinking that it wont be solved with server 2003 at all... all of the options that are avail to win7 and vista just dont exist in the 2003 GPO... Maybe next SP?