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String must be exactly one character long.

I am using a For Next look to process record of a table and get this error when processing the table.  How do I get the system to tell me which field it is hanging on?  

Here is my code:
// setup foreach loop to lookup Insurance Comp NPI 
                var ecinscomps = from ecins in dceClinicalWorks.insurances
                                 where ecins.insId == patient.p.insId
                                 select new { ecins };
                // Process each Insurance Record row of the result 
                foreach (var insurance in ecinscomps)------------------------------   ERROR OCCURS HERE   ---------------
                    myPatIns.MPI = MyGlobalVars.initGuid;
                    myPatIns.ProviderNPI = Convert.ToInt32(patient.d.NPI);

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