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HP Laserjet 1020 printing errors on SBS 2003 server

good morning,

having some ongoing trouble with a hp laserjet 1020 at the moment.

setup is SBS2003 server, 2x HP printers one USB one ethernet, with the usb one plugged directly into the server (Laserjet 1020).  workstations are Acers with Vista business and otherwise work perfectly.

the HP plugged in via ethernet works perfectly from all workstations.  The USB Laserjet 1020 works from most - however when one of the workstations prints to the USB laserjet 1020 it jams in the queue and to clear it we must log onto the server and restart the print spooler.

If the printer is disconnected from the server and shared from one of the other workstations it works great

I've also completely removed the printer from the server and reinstalled it with the latest software.

Due to another problem we had to reinstall Vista business on said workstation and hoped it would clear the problem - however it persists.
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