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ORA-02054 and other messages on Prod DB

Although the database is still up, I am getting these messages (see code box).
I think it has to do with a shell I run to shutdown the dbs every night.
Please see messages below.
I do not nderstand either the DISTRIB TRAN messages because we are not doing replication or something like that. I suspect the application is trying to work as if we had replicated dbs.
Thanks a lot.
SHUTDOWN: Active sessions prevent database close operation
Wed Feb 25 05:00:01 2009
Starting ORACLE instance (normal)
Wed Feb 25 08:05:56 2009
Error 1089 trapped in 2PC on transaction 19.34.962. Cleaning up.
Error stack returned to user:
ORA-02054: transaction 19.34.962 in-doubt
ORA-01089: immediate shutdown in progress - no operations are permitted
Wed Feb 25 08:05:56 2009
DISTRIB TRAN XE.bf7f9569.135.86.1217
  is local tran 19.34.962 (hex=13.22.3c2)
  insert pending prepared tran, scn=6635350991626 (hex=608.e9bd230a)

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