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LMHost file in a Win2K3 domain

Hi, I am trying to filter internet access by using open dns.  Thing is i want to limit it's use to only some workstations on the network.  I have a DHCP service running on the DC (w2k3 SBS) that has reservation for the workstations i need filtered.  The reservation states that the workstations in question should use Open DNS as their primary DNS server.  As it stands now login times are slow and some resources such as mapped drives are not mapped.  So i decided to implement a LMHost file and specify the server name.  Here is the line i am using in the lmhost file (that i have stripped of .sam name):     server         #PRE #DOM:xxx.local  #DC du groupe rseau

Even with this it doesn't speed up logins.  Note: NIC properties are setup by default (i.e. Wins enable LMhost lookups)

I am not using a host file.

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