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Blackberry Enterprise Server - Calendar not syncing from handhelds to Exchange mailbox

I know this is quite a well documented problem, but despite spending several hours tearing my hair out over this one, we're still no closer to fixing it.

We have three Exchange servers. Mailboxes on one of these Exchange servers are failing to sync from the handheld up to the store.

I see the following error in the MAGT log suggests a permissions problem:

[30001] (02/25 14:21:52.387):{0x1730} CDOCalendar::Initialize - Code = 800406f9, WCode = 04f9, Code meaning = IDispatch error #1273,
[30002] (02/25 14:21:52.387):{0x1730} Server = remote-exch-server, Mailbox = /o=Company/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=Student1 Description = The information store could not be opened. [MAPI 1.0 - [MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED(80040111)]]

However, I've cheked the permissions several times and can't see a problem. Also, if I create an Outlook profile as our besadmin user, I can open the Student calendar and create items, etc.

cdo.dll and mapi32.dll match on all exchange servers and Bes.

Help please :)

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