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Dell Latitude D510 Power Issue

I have a Dell Latitude D510 that will boot into windows on a charged battery.  The laptop/ac adapter does not seem to re-charge the battery.  I have tried 3 AC adapters.  I have swapped the battery into another laptop and the battery will get recharged.  When I leave the AC power plugged into the laptop and remove the battery supposedly to run on just FULL ac power I get nothing, laptop will not boot.  I am thinking it is the AC chip/card that is attached to the motherboard.  Does anyone else have experience with a similar issue and can point me to a reliable site with spare parts.  I realize in order to fix this I may have to strip the laptop down to the motherboard to replace the card.  Also is it even replaceable?  I have read in some places the AC card is soldered to the mobo.  Thanks for any info!
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I believe that the Power supply is soldered onto the motherboard with that model and the entire motherboard will need to be replaced.
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Here is the blow up of the laptop and the power jack is intricate to the motherboard. Perhaps the jack is loose and needs replacing?

Here is the service manual for disassembly
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I was hoping the jack is similar to a card that could be replaced, but from those pictures it doesnt really show anything to do with the AC in.  So it must be soldered to the mobo as Larry stated?
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Thanks for your help, I was just about to rip this thing open until i checked here right before and saw the picture, thanks again!
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Did you end up swapping the plug or replacing the motherboard? Did you get this laptop working?
Laptop is still out of commission o.O