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Forefront and MOM Reporting

I'm installing Forefront and everything is working as expected except of that the 14day legend in the dashboard results in 'no data', but the other reports works. The reason seams to be that the reporting part hasn't been installed on the SQL-nodes and don't have the DTS scheduled for running in the farm.

The prerequisites when running the installation of FCS Reporting through SERVERSETUP gives all green, but installation fails.
When running MOMREPORTING.MSI, the prerequisites gives more information and tells that .NET1.1 isn't installed. When trying to install .NET1.1 on the test SQL server nodes, it complains that it's known compatibility problems and nead to enable 32-bit support through IIS-admin scripts. That script doesn't exist as IIS isn't installed on the SQL Server.

Is it possibly to get the MOM reporting working in SQL2005x64 environment?

The setup of FCS is 6 server installation with separated management, distribution, collection and reporting server roles and collection/reporting databases on separated SQL server nodes. The databases was migrated from a single server installation.

* 2 x Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 with SQL Server 2005 x64 in cluster
* Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005
* 3 x Windows Server 2003 Standard x86 for separating the FCS management, collection and distribution server roles.
.NET App ServersMicrosoft Forefront ISA ServerMicrosoft SQL Server 2005

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