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How to stack three switches


We have a network comprising around 120 devices (PC's, servers & printers) which run through four netgear switches.

For various reasons we've decided it's upgrade time, and have ordered 3 x Cisco/Linksys SRW2048 switches. (http://www.equanet.co.uk/catalogue/item/lnksw037)

Question is - how to wire the three switches to each other for maximum throughput. We want to 'stack' them so they appear to be a single manageable unit.

I don't think that running a single ethernet cable from switch 1 to switch 2, and another from switch 1 to switch 3, is best. How do we stack them to achieve this? Is this what the "4 x shared SFP (mini-GBIC)" are for? If so - what cables do I use?

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