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Is there a good replacement for ScanSoft Omniform?

We use ScanSoft Omniform to fill out blank forms that have been signed by our clients. Once a client has signed a blank form, we scan the form as a TIFF image, then fill out the rest of the form fields in Omniform.

Omniform is a buggy program, and doesn't appear to be supported anymore. It seems that Adobe Acrobat would be well-suited to this task, except for one drawback. When a user begins typing in a field in Omniform, the program recognizes if the text is the same from a previous form, and can fill in the remaining text of the field for the users. Acrobat's Typewriter function is nice, but it's not automatic like this. Is there another program, Acrobat plug-in, etc, that could work for us? We may be willing to pay a developer if anyone is interested.
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