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lower disk i/o priority for application on windows XP

We have users complaining (and subsequently shutting down) backup and AV software not because of network/cpu usage, but because of disk i/o usage as the programs scan drives.  Various unix flavors have nice and ionice to control the greediness of programs as it relates to CPU and diskio usage respectively.  I can't seem to find a similar diskio control mechanismfor windows XP

Is there a way to change the disk i/o priority of a specific program/application, and do so for future execution as well so that it uses unused disk i/o rather than grinding users to a halt and the resulting behavior that causes.

If elaboration is needed let me know.
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does that mean that "priority" in windows refer to both cpu AND disk i/o or did they just determine that cpu priority was all we should need to manage?
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Sorry, I don't think there is anything like disk I/O prioritization for apps in Windows XP build nor I have heard of any. You can prioritize CPU/Memory usage in task manager and set the cpu affinity - that's all I am aware of and I don't think you will find anything else.

I would advise you however to tune it in AV software itself by controlling how deep the scan is, when it runs and what it should scan (for example disable script scanning or scanning inside zip archives) thus creating more lightweight scan for daily usage and more robust on weekly/monthly basis.
It just deals with CPU usage