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Outlook 2007 Calendar - Modify another users calendar no exchange

Here's the situation: A professor just hired an administrative assistant and he wants her to be able to modify his Outlook 2007 calendar from her desk. I don't have an exchange server setup, so I started looking into the Internet calendar sharing features. I was able to subscribe and view his calendar but I wasn't able to modify any current appointments or add any new ones. Is this an option with the Internet calendar system? If not, is there another method that you could recommend I take (aside from purchasing software)?

I appreciate any help that is offered!
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Hi, ultimba.

Internet Calendar Sharing is read only.  It allows others to see a calendar without Exchange.  Without Exchange or another server based system it isn't possible to make changes to calendars.  Outside of Exchange calendars are stored in PST files, and a PST file is strictly single user.  It cannot be shared.  Doing this will require a 3rd-party piece of software.  I'm not aware of any free solutions.
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Hi BlueDevilFan,

I was hoping to avoid the third party software, but if that's what it takes that's what it takes!

For a free solution, i'm looking at creating a google calendar that will be shared by both users and use the google calendar connector to do a two way sync for both users. I can see potential issues if they are both modifying the same appointment at the same time, but the eventual change reflected would be to whatever was updated most recently. I'll just have to do some more testing to see how it goes.

What third party software would you use in this situation?
Sorry, I've never had the need for anything like this, so I haven't explored any of the third party solutions.
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I just wanted to clarify...  While the .PST file *is* single user, you can set it up so that the admin can open it when the professor doesn't have it locked.  (Which will happen as long as he has Outlook open.)  I don't know if that is useful to you but it may be.  Sometimes the person having their calendar managed is almost never on the computer and the "manager" has almost exclusive access.  Just a thought.

Have you considered investigating whether the university IT department supports this?  If they are running an Exchange server and have the option turned on, it might save a lot of time/hassle.  I bet a lot of IT departments have a recommended approach for calendar sharing.  The biggest benefit I see to going this route is that he gets to keep his info all together instead of having to "spread it out" by adding another source like Google.  For me, I keep my info in Outlook because it is easier for me to sync with my mobile devices.  If the professor wants to do this, I'd try hard to stick with Outlook.


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