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0X8004010F, Offline address book problems

how do i get rid of this problem with the offline address book please. we currently running E2K7 and the offline address book is an issue. we have migrated from E2K3 and this is the only issue we currently still experiencing. also our pop users are recieving the same mail 5 - 9 times, but randomly only. please provide a detail step by step guide to this issue as i am fairly new to the shell console. our organisation is filmmakers.lan .

17:06:58 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6315
17:06:58 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Ashlen Naicker'
17:06:58 Done
17:06:58 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
17:06:58        Not downloading Offline address book files.  A server (URL) could not be located.
17:06:58       0X8004010F


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