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How to start AbiWord with a new rtf doc specified by name & path

Dear Experts,

For Windows XP
I am getting to know AbiWord - a word processor. (http://www.abisource.com).

I want to set up a batch file or script that will start AbiWord with a new blank document open, but it must be called "info.rtf" instead of the default "untitled1.abw". It should be opened in a folder path passed to the batch file and then to AbiWord by command line param.

Problems is I don't know AbiWord's command line parameters to do this (or even if it can). The online Help didn't help.

I have found:
1) If you pass a filename like "123.rtf" as a param AbiWord just ignores it and opens with the default.
2) If I do the same with a text file it does open it
3) If you create an 0 byte empty file called "123.rtf" first and pass that name, AbiWord will popup an  error box saying error importing file. (obviously since its not a proper RTF file).
4) If I create an empty RTF with WordPad  ie no visibe text, then it will open that
(but that means I have to have a doc like that around as a template to use, a little unwieldy as it must be copied to the passed folder path where i want to create it.

I can do the batch file stuff. Just need the correct syntax for the command line parameters for AbiWord to start with a blank RTF doc (in the specified path).

Thanks in advance!
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