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ESX 3.5 guest will not respond

We have an ESX 3.5 guest (The guest is running Linux Cent OS) that will bot respond to any command in virtual center 2.5. All other guests can be controlled normally. The guest in question can not be powered off nor can the console for it be opoened. When you try to do either of those the attempt is made but after a few minutes you get an error message: 'Unable to contact the specified host. This might be because the host is not available on the network, there's a network configuration problem, or the management services on the host are not responding'.
I also tried to stop the Vmware mgmt service using: service mgmt-vmware stop but that just hangs and never finishes. Rebooting the host is not an option. Ultimately I just want to power off the guest in question and delete it.
Thanks for any help.

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