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Office Compatibility Pack Installation Issues

So, I have a user who needs the Office Compatibility Pack installed on her machine. No problem. I go over there, log in as Administrator on our domain and pull the FileFormatConverters.exe file down from our storage server. I even do a "Run as.." and make sure it's running as "Administrator" first. It'll bring up the prompt asking if I would like to run the program. I confirm that I do and I'm ready to get things started. The problem is nothing happens after that point. The farthest I can get is having the Windows security prompt come up asking me to confirm if I really want to run this application. No other windows or prompts come up, the installation just flat out does not start.

I figured it was, perhaps, the file I grabbed from the server. So, I acquired it again directly from the Microsoft website. Same problem. I checked the properties of the file, saw it was being "blocked" due to it being an application that was downloaded. I "unblocked" it and applied the setting. I've even rebooted just to make sure the setting was fully applied.

Any subsequent attempts to get the installation started have failed. I get no error code, nothing. Just doesn't work.

The system I'm installing it on uses Windows XP - Service Pack 3. Office 2003 with SP3 installed on it as well.  It's only for this ONE user in our domain of maybe 10 people? So, I haven't really gotten around to making an MSI package to deploy it out because most everybody has already installed it themselves already(with our permissions granted of course).

So, what seems to be problem here? Any ideas?
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