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logon scripts across multiple subnets

hope someone can help. i know pretty much nothing when it comes to logon scripts..just enough to be dangerous..so here is my question...

i wrote two logon scripts to map 2 shares for users of the domain on site A ...we have 2 DC`s at site A...both logon scripts work..it is mapped at each computer of the domain under the same subnet.

we also have Site b,c,d,e,f all connected through MPLS Circuits...every site is on their own subnet...i can resovle DNS at every site..every site DNS settings are pointing back to site A DNS Servers..i even joined site (for now) B to the domain....

the issue is the mapped drives through logon scripts are not being mapped to the remote sites...only on the domain with the same subnet at site A...i can physically map a drive on the computer at site B, ,but not through logon scripts...

is there something you have to do to get these logon scripts to work when dealing with computers of the same domain, but not all on the same subnet....here is list of subnets with sites...

192.168.0.  site A
192.168.30. site B
192.168.40 site C

you get my point as far as how the sites are setup...

any help woudl be appreciate....i search countlessly on google for answers and for me to start to learn scripting is just giving me a headache....any suggestions is appreciated...thanks,,,,
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