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Deleted Computer OU in AD 2003 accidentally. Restore using adrestore still cannot log in

I accidentally deleted the Computer OU in AD on my Windows 2003 server. I used adrestore from sysinternals and restored all the objects. everything came back and I had to reenable all the account but I still cannot log in the domain from a workstation.
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That works but I thought adrestore would just restore my computer OU and make everything work again. Isnt that the point for using adrestore?
I personally never like using adrestore, even if I inadvertently delete a computer, I just join it back to the domain manually.
Do you have a system state backup? (not older then 60 days)

I have never used "adrestore" on computer objects only tested it on users, so I'm not sure what attributes is striped/tombstoned from the computer object. ie. if it removes the secure channel password or the computer account password from the domain and group membership.

Check to see if a restored computer object is in the "domain computers group".

After using ADrestore to bring back the objects in AD, I did not have to change the systems from a domain to a workgroup. I just needed to log onto the systems using the adminstrators local computer account and I used the Network Identification Wizard to reestablish the connection.When I added the computers back to the domain it said that there was already a computer with the same name in AD and asked if I wanted to use that, I said yes. Thanks for your help all. Serves me right for just clicking past the "yes I am sure" button.

I ended up taking this path except for renaming the machince and changing the domain to a workgroup. I was also looking for a solution that would save me the time from walking to each and every computer to do this.