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Geforce 8300 vs AMD 790 GX for gaming?


I am running an AMD 6000+ CPU with 4 gigs 800mhz Memory and an nVidia 8800 GT Video Card.  I am looking at two new motherboards, both from Asus.

The GeForce 8300 (single slot) or the AMD 790 GX (SLI ready).  I am never going to use the onboard graphocs for either of these as I only do office and game on this computer.  Basically, I am looking for the FASTEST board for my aging 6000+ 125W CPU.

I know the 790GX is MUCH faster if you are using onboard video to game, but does it make any difference if I never use the onboard video?

The 790GX MB is about $40 more than the 8300.  Also, is there a problem with mixing an AMD chipset and an nVidia video card?


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