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GPO Startup script for office 2007

I have been wrestiling with this issue and am stumped to as why its not working. I have a working vbscript that will install office 2007 in standalone mode on any workstation. I would like to push out the install via gpo Computer startup script. I have the vbs file in the netlogon dir. i have pointed to the correct script. no parameters in the gpo startup script just the path to the vbs file. now when I test a client a gpresult shows the gpo was indeed accepted by the client but the install is not happening. I am sure I have all acl's in place.

So does anyone know why this is not running the setup.exe that is referenced in the vbs file.? as i said the script runs fine when dbl clicking on it form the netlogon share. Office installs with all configurations intact using the script.
 the code i have uses Security groups as the scope options for the install and when complete the computer is moved to another group depending on success or failure.
When the computer restarts it must be using the scriptbecause the pc is removed from the install sec group but not pushed to the failure sec group.
logging is done via a xls which is supoose to write the results to it but not happening..

update soon as i can..

Cheers all
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