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Prioritising voice across a layer 2 network

Hi experts,

Have a bit of a problem  qos related.  Network Topology is below...

We have an Avaya PBX connected to a 3750 switch ,  it throws out packets with a diffserv setting of  Expedited forwarding -- which is what we want.

Our phones are located a few trunks away , and when we do an ethereal trace here , it appears that the diffserv setting of the original packet from the PBX is gone -- its is now on default diffserv.

We dont really have any qos set up at all , so any advice as to the best way to prioritise vlan 300  and keep the diffserv tag of the pbx preserved across network would be appreciated.

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What you are trying to do is probably going to take some reading and planning.  Start with
and see how CoS to DSCP can work for you across the switches
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does anyone have any practical configuration tips they can give? ,  passing an internet link on qos is all well and good  -- but i really need someone with some practical experience of setting this up!

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