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No internet without VPN even when connected to LAN

Hi all,
There is one user whose laptop keeps losing connection to internet and intranet websites very often. He cannot access internet using IE once this happens without connecting to VPN.

We use cisco VPN client 4.0.5 if that is of any help. Once the VPN connection is established, the user is able to access internet and intranet sites using IE. After a while, the VPN can be disconnected and IE still stays connected to all the sites.
I'm not sure how to proceed with this peculiar issue.

I've tried Reinstalling IE7 (The PC has Win XP SP3)(Same issue persists with IE6 as well.
Reinstalled cisco VPN client
Deleted Winsock from registry and rebuit it.(I've also tried the netsh command to reinstall winsock)

When this issue occurs,
1. we cannot access internet using IE
2. We cannot access intranet using IE
3. We cannot access network drives(Shared drives mapped from the file servers)
4. We can PING sussessfully to internet servers like and
5. We can ping to the server in our LAN

Please help with your ideas to solve this
Sorry about the length!!
Thanks in advance.

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Please leave your comments and I shall reply as soon as I get back to work tomorrow!!

How long has this been happening?
have any changes been made to the laptop (new software....anything)
Have you scaned for spyware and malware?
when the issue happens what does Task Manger processes say is using the most resourses?

My thought is Malware of somekind, because the VPN connection will restrict some of the laptops bandwidth for its own use. since you can ping, it is not a connectivity problem or TCP/IP.

give it a scan with Spybot Search and destroy from
and see what you find.
One thing you said leads me to think it might be a DNS issue. "After a while, the VPN can be disconnected and IE still stays connected to all the sites."
If the cisco client is configured to use an IP address rather than a domain name to connect, then it would be able to connect without DNS.  After it connects it will use the VPN DNS servers over the ones configured for the LAN.  Then once the addresses are cached, the VPN can be disconnected and the websites and other connections will continue to function.
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Hi Thanks for the suggestions.
@dm7941: Yes. The cisco client is configured to use an IP address and not the domain name.
BUt as you said if the addresses are cached , the issue should not reoccur atleast utill we reboot the PC which is not the case. After we disconnect the VPN, it works for certain period and the problems reoccurs. (Correct me if I'm wrong). I'm gonna look into this aspect as well anyways.

@sredmond: I'm gonna try Spybot scan today on the PC.

I shall let you guys know the status.


Hi Guys,

I'm very sorry about the delay.

I've tried editing the DNS entries in LAN properties and I also ran a system wide check and found no major infections.

The issue still persists.
Your expert comments and suggestions are welcome.