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Word 2003 Crashes and only runs in safe mode

Word 2003 has worked fine for sometime and recently when I am using Outlook 2003 and try to do NEW or REPLY, Word will crash and want to open in safe mode.  I have uninstalled and did a new install and it seems as soon as I put SP3 back on, the problem starts again.  It this a problem with addins?   SP3?    And why would it start now as we have had SP3 on for some time.   I have not added any new programs.   If it is addin's, is there a way to tell which one?  In safe mode, I don't see addins so is there another way to fix this?    I have also tried deleteing normal.dot and that didn't help.  I have deleted the registry keys for Office  and uninstalled and reinstalled.   Problem keeps coming back when SP3 is applied.    What is in SP3 that is causing this??   I am trying to look at several things but as yet have not gotten a fix, except to run in safe mode.
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