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Windows Logonui error

I cannot boot my Win XP Pro system.  During boot, I get the message.
logonui.exe-Application error.  The instruction at "0x005f0664" referenced at "0x005f0664". The memory could not be "written".

Click OK to terminate the programs.
Click Cancel to debug the program.

Clicking either results in the same message being re-displayed, and I cannot log in.

I can boot to safe mode.  I tried the solution listed at

 When I move msgina.dll  I cannot boot to any mode.  Replacing the file I can boot back into safe mode, but cannot run SFC as I get the message that Windows File Protection could not initiate, the RPC server is unavailable.

I believe this was all precipitated by a malwarebytes scan that my girlfriend ran.  Unfortunately, system restore was turned off.
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She was probably trying to help. Virtually all logonui problems are caused by a virus of one type or another. Have you run any scans in safe mode? Do you have a working antivirus/spyware program?

At a minimum, download and run stinger. It does not install anything and runs on it's own. Download to desktop or a memory stick and scan the drive.
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