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how can I find the SCSI ID

I have a server HP Proliant ML370G3 and recently my backup tape drive Compaq Super DLT 110/220GB died. I am also out of warranty so I just purchased a Dell Powervault LTO-2-024 External Backup Drive. Now I am ready to connect it, but before I do that I just want to make sure that I won't have any coonflict with any hardware on my server.
I have a SCSI Controller and a Smart Array 5300 Controller.
1) what happens if I plug the drive and there is a conflict , could it cause big trouble.
2) The scsi connector seems to be the match on the back of my server , There is no different configuration for the same scsi , right ? what I am trying to verify is that there is no different voltage base on the type of the version of the connector. I want to make sure that the the Tape Drive is compatible with my machine

I hope it make senses

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