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Firewall iss or Network issue or Server issue

I have an issue

2 networks.  
hardware firewall between the two networks.  no windows firewalls
network 1 (wordstations) can only access network shares from a server in network 2 with the short name only.

IP address works but it takes about 5 minutes for it to pop up and the

full DNS name does not work

spoke to the network security people here and there seems to be no firewall issues.  no traffic is bing dropped.  Netbios is allowed.
DNS servers report information correctly.
I can telnet to all Netbios ports, I can ping the server

The only thing that doesn't work is the UNC path to the fully quailifed DNS name.  
This needs to work so that we can use our SSLVPN connection to map drives.

Windows Server 2003Networking ProtocolsInternet Protocols

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