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How do I give the apache user access to my Amazon S3 volume?

I'm mounting a single Amazon S3 volume to multiple servers in a server farm using S3FS to mount it to /mnt/bucket.  When a client uploads an image to one of the servers, I want it stored on the S3 bucket so all servers can see the same images no matter which server uploaded it or which server is serving their page.  

The bucket mounts to the instances without trouble and I have full root access to that drive, but I'm having trouble getting the permissions correct so that the apache user can write to the bucket.  The bucket is symbolically linked from my web directory to /mnt/mybucket.  I've also used the -o allow_other command when mounting the bucket.  The bucket is set as world readable and I've tried everything from owner writable to world-writable.  If I look at the directory permissions, it is showing rwxr-xr-x.  

With an S3 mount, you don't seem to be able to chmod the mount directory.

Is there a way to do this???  Help!
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