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URGENT PLEASE HELP exchange 2007 restore from backup

I am running exch2007 on virtualised sbs2008 (Hyper-V if that's relevant). Have recently rebuilt the sbs 2008 box (after successfully breaking it) and attempting to restore from backup of previous install. Backup worked well to ext USB. The server setup is as such:

c: os, D: swap, E:data

On the previous install I had moved the storage groups to the data drive and pointed exch there. Therefore on the restore the storage groups that contain all of our data/db have been retored back to E drive on the rebuilt server ... however new exch is obviously still reading from default db on default pathway on C:

My question is how can I a) either point exchange to my restored db, or b) how can I get the information from my old database onto the new exch database. I need access to our exch database and this issue is now VERY URGENT.



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