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Windows 2008 Terminal Services Disconnect and Reconnect Issue

We currently have a Windows 2008 box that is running Terminal Services for 30-40 users.

We are running into an issue with some users at different physical locations where there session will disconnect for about 1-3 seconds and quickly reconnect.  While it is doing this it flashes the "Attempting to reconnect to server, Try 1 of 20, etc.)

The bad part is that it is very random, sometimes goes away for a while and it doesn't affect all users.

One location is particularly worse than others but it even stops happening in that location at certain times.

I've had a ticket open with Microsoft for 2 weeks and they can't find anything.

The only way I, as admin, can tell it is happening is by crosschecking the original login time via terminal services manager and looking at the event viewer I can see the printer mappings deleting when the disconnect happens.

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